Kiwi cartographer’s ‘Nobody Lives Here’ map shows how sparse New Zealand’s population is

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I love these new innovative housing solutions. This one starts from US$129,000 – come on NZ, let’s look at these type of solutions in the first instance to help our accommodation shortage.

Kia ora – this is an excellent article done by Amanda Cropp re Maori tourism, operators and future of storytelling in New Zealand

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A humbling story – thank you Irena ?

Hi friends – I’m encouraging you to vote for Marnie Prickett as NZ of the Year. This young woman is committed to saving our freshwater ways and has been an inspiration in galvanizing Nzs to get behind protecting the environment & freshwater.
Congratulations Marnie on being nominated!

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Please new government shuffle some of the irrigation or new technology funding to this project. The waterways need real time analysis.
Thanks Grant for your innovation & commitment. ?

Another clever idea to clean polluted air and help us to mitigate global warming.

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